Nominee Shareholder

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Nominee Shareholder

What is a Nominee Shareholder?

A Nominee Shareholder can be appointed to a company in place of the shareholders.

Our Nominee Services

We can provide a Natural Person Nominee shareholder to meet the requirements of a private Limited Company in the UK.

Additional Information

Our Nominee Director service may not be used for a company actively trading, as we are unable to accept the responsibility for the risks associated with operating an active company on behalf of a third party.

We are able to provide a Power of Attorney, however please note the document will not allow the Ultimate Beneficial Owner the right to open or operate a Bank Account or trading facility in the name of the company.

Where the Power of Attorney requires UK legalisation, we will charge additional fees.

The Nominee Shareholder Service must be purchased with the incorporation of a new Ltd company or with the purchase of a Formations House readymade shelf company only.

If you require a Nominee Shareholder for a new company that intends to trade please see our Managed Company Service.

Nominee Director £400

(excl. VAT)

with Power of Attorney + £150

with UK Legalised Power of Attorney + £600

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