Managed P.A.Y.E. Service

Let us take care of all your payroll requirements, with our low-cost service


Payroll, PAYE and Payslips

Our system is designed for those who want a completely outsourced solution, letting us take care of your Payroll department. Our system has all the standard features you require for paying your staff, including payslips, P60s etc.

What You Should Know

Payroll accounting deals with the process of paying employees for services they have provided. According to UK tax regulations, there are severe penalties for improper or inadequate collection of payroll taxes and payment of wages. These penalties include high fines and can also result in imprisonment.

PAYE £500

(excl. VAT)


HMRC Submissions

Detailed payroll reports

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Simple Employee Pay

All of our accounting packages are designed to automate your business, allowing you to focus on parts you love. 

Direct Upload to HMRC

We take the burden of memorising all those important filing dates for your company away from you, making sure to always provide the correct information to HMRC so you can get on with running your business.